How to rank your website on Google is very important once you have created your website and even added your posts.

Now, the question is, Once you have published your content, How will Google know about your content?

To help Google find your site and its content, we need to share our website details with Google.

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So, next, let’s see how you can tell Google about your website’s content

So to tell Google about the content, We are going to do it in 3 Easy steps

Step 1: To install Google Plugin, on our website

So to install the plugin, let’s go to a dashboard and then go to the plugins then click add new,

Now search for the plugin called Google site-kit, and you will get this plugin,

Rank Your Website On Google
Google Site Kit

This is the plugin, which is going to help us to tell Google about our website

So, to install this plugin let’s click on install and then Activate to install this Google plugin.

Once you installed the plugin, we can go to the next step which is

Step 2: Set up the Google Plugin

So, to set it up let’s click “Start setup”. And it will take you to this page.

Rank Your Website On Google
Google Site Kit Start Setup

Now to set up the plugin let’s signup with your Google account.

Now click allow, Now to complete the setup click “Proceed” then again click “Allow”.

Then finally click add site.

Okay, now we have successfully set up our plugin

So, now if we click go to my dashboard, you can see that google is connected to our website,

Once you set up the Google plugin, we can now go to the final step which is

Step 3: To Tell Google About Your Website

Now let say you have 10 posts on your site, now

Rank your website to google
How to add your website to Google

How will Google find these post?

So to inform Google about your post, we need to submit something called a “Sitemap”.

So, Sitemap is the page that has all the links of pages and posts you have on your site.

Rank your website to Google
Sitemap having all links of your posts

So to submit your sitemap to your Google, first, we need to get the sitemap from the SEO plugin which is installed before.

Rank your website on Google
All in One SEO plugin

To get the sitemap, let’s go to WordPress and click SEO. Now go to features, here you can see that we have an option called “Sitemap”.

rank your website on google
SEO Sitemaps

Now, to get the sitemap, just click.

And you can see we have now got your sitemap which has links of all our pages of our site,

Rank your website on google
Post Sitemap.xml

And if we click Post sitemap, you can see all the links of the post published on our site,

So, submitting the sitemap to Google will help it find all the contents of your site easily.

So, to submit your site map to Google, first, let’s go back to the main sitemap page,

And now we need to submit the sitemap link to Google. So to submit the link let’s go to WordPress and then go to Google site kit and click search console.

Now, click to open the search console and it will take you to this page,

rank your website on google
Open Sitemaps

Now, to submit your site map, just click “Open Sitemaps”. And here you will have below interface

rank your website to google
Google Search Console Sitemaps

So to get the link let’s go to the sitemap and select See full stats in Search Console as shown below.

rank your website on google
Full Stats in Search Console

And then copy the link and paste it to the google search console.

rank your website to google
Adding site map file to Google

Now to submit the site map just click “Submit”

And as you can see, our sitemap has been successfully submitted.

So now when you publish new content, it will be automatically added to your site map and will be recognized by google.

So this is how you can tell Google about the pages you have on your website,

So now we optimized our website to rank on Google.

So this is how you can get your website to appear on google search results.

Now in order to rank for the keyword you want, there are few things to remember.

It takes time for Google to find your content and then rank it, for the correct “Search items”.

So, be patient while Google reviews your content.

Remember that Google wants to show the best possible content to its visitors.

So, take a look at the competition and ensure your content is something new or better to offer the visitors.

Try to create content that is better than what the competition has to offer.

Okay, now you know how to get your website to appear on Google search results.

If you find this article useful to you then please share your views.

In case of any query please also add in the comment box. I will revert at the earliest.


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