how to install google analytics

How to install Google Analytics in your WordPress site!!

Today we will see how to install and google analytics on your WordPress site.

So, what is Google Analytics,

Google Analytics is a very simple tool that helps you see everything that’s happening on your site. With the help of which you can see how your site is performing so that you can take steps to improve it.

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Now, what does Google analytics shows?

It shows

  • How many people are visiting your site,
  • Where are they coming from? Are they coming from google, facebook or twitter
  • How much time they are spending
  • Most visited pages and
  • Real time statistics

So, all these things look superb. Right!!

So let’s get started

Here we will go thru 3 easy steps of creating and installing the Google Analytics

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account

Step 2: Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Step 3: To link the plugin to our analytics account.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account

So, first, let’s go to and then press the “Enter” button, you will find such an interface

Install Google Analytics
Starting for Google Analytics

Click sign in and then click analytics.

Now sign in to your google account, then click sign up.

Now, you will find such an interface where you need to fill up this simple form.

Install Google Analytics
Creating Account in Google Analytics

So first enter the account name, then website name and its url. Choose your industry and time zone.

Install Google Analytics
Checking all options of Google Analytics

Keep all options checked and click on show advanced options to Get Tracking ID and click on the “ I Accept” button.

Install Google Analytics
Accepting Google Analytics Terms and Conditions

Okay! So, now our google Analytics account is ready

Step 2: Install Google analytics on WordPress

Now Next step is to install Google Analytics on WordPress

So to do that, let’s go to  WordPress Dashboard and then go to plugins and click Add New.

Install Google Analytics
Add Google Analytics Plugin in WordPress

Search for a plugin called Google Analytics Dashboard.

Now when you find this, just click on Install now and then click Activate.

Install Google Analytics
Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin For WordPress

Okay! So the plugin is now activated

Step 3: To link the plugin to our Analytics Account.

Next, we are going to link this plugin to our analytics account. So after this plugin is installed, you will see a new item called Google analytics.  So just go there and there and press General Settings.

Install Google Analytics
Analytify Tool on Dashboard

Now, click authorize the plugin. And then click on the Get Access code.

Now, Google will ask for your confirmation. So, let’s click “Allow” and copy the code and then paste it into the Access code box.

Then, click save access code.

Now, this information shows that this website is now linked to Google Analytics.

Let’s click “Save Changes”.

Okay, so now, we have successfully connected our analytics account with the WordPress site.

So, from now onwards, Google Analytics will start tracking all the visits to your site.

To see the number of visitors just go to your Dashboard.

Here you will find a new section called Google analytics dashboard.

So, from here you can get a quick overview of the traffic of your site.

Now, to get the complete information, we can go to the google analytics website.

So, let’s go to the Google Analytics site. Now, from this menu, You can get the complete information about your website.

Install Google Analytics

Various Sections of Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics

Audience: In this section “audience” you can see the information about your audience

Install Google Analytics

Acquisition: In this section ‘acquisition” you can see from where your visitors are coming from.

Install Google Analytics

Behaviour: In this section “Behaviour” you can see their behaviour like how much time they are spending on your site, the Top pages and many more…

Install Google Analytics

Real Time: In this section “Real Time” you can get the real-time statistics like, the number of people who are looking at your site right now


So this is how you can install and use google analytics on your WordPress site.

Now, if you don’t have a WordPress site, you can learn how to create it just by going to this link.

So that’s it. If you find this article helpful please share your view on comment box.


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