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how you can Create A Menu in WordPress site

Not a big deal,

So, Here we will see

  1. How to Create A Menu in WordPress
  2. Selecting their location
  3. Re arranging Menu
  4. Making Dropdown Menu

So, Let’s Begin

This is going to be very simple guys

So, let’s get started

Create A Menu in WordPress

First, let’s go to ‘customize’ to create a new menu, and click ‘create new menu’

Create A Menu
Creating New Menu

Now, first, we need to give a name for this menu

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So, I’ll call this menu as top menu

Create A Menu
Giving Name to Menu

Okay so, once you have created the menu we can now ‘add’ items to the menu

So, let’s click ‘add items’ And ‘these’ are the items which you can add to your menu

Here, under the pages section, it shows all the pages we have on our site

So, If you want to see these pages

Just go to your dashboard then go into ‘pages’ and you can see the pages that you have on our site

So the same pages will be shown ‘here’

Now if you want to add the ‘existing Pages’ to your menu

You just click that page and it will be added

Create A Menu

So, in the same way, we’ll add all the other pages

And you can see that our menu has been created

Selecting Their Location

So now, We need to choose ‘where’ this menu needs to appear

So, the theme that I’m using now, shows these ‘three’ locations

Which are Primary, Secondary & the Footer

Now I’m going to choose Primary which will put the menu in the Top

Create A Menu
Selecting Location of Menu

So, I’ll select Primary and then click ‘next’ and here you can see that pages that we had selected now getting appeared in the Top location with the pages that we selected

Re-arranging the Menu

So, now if you want to rearrange the pages that you have added

Just drag & drop them and change the order

So Next, let’s see how you can add a page that is not on your site yet

So if you want to add a brand new page to your menu, Just type the ‘name’, of the page that you want to create,

Create A Menu
Adding Page

So, for example, if you want to create a page called ‘Services and then click add and It’ll be added now if we click ‘publish’ You can see that, “Services” appears in our menu

Create A Menu
New Page Added To Menu

So, now if we go to pages and click refresh you can see that a ‘new’ Services page has been added

Now since this is a new page it will be blank by default

So, You can add content to this page anytime, by clicking ‘edit’

Okay, so now you know, how you can add new pages to your menu

Making Drop-down Menu

Next, let’s see how you can create, a drop-down menu,


So, to create this drop-down menu just drag an item, and put it below another item, and shift one place to Right and you can see that we now have a drop-down menu. The same way you can add any number of items you want

Create A Menu
Making Dragdown Menu

And you’ll get it in the dropdown menu.

Video Tutorials

You can also add Posts to your drop-downs by going to the section of Post and adding to Menu and shifting one place right to menu item after re-arranging it below that Page.

Create A Menu
Adding Posts to Dragdown Menu


So this is how you can create a dropdown menu in WordPress

Create A Menu
Drag down Menu

So, now you know how you can add the pages you’ve created to your menu and adding Posts or Pages below any page.

So that’s it guys


So, Thanks Guys

Take Care

Babye 🙂


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