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Hi Gregs, In this article, we will learn how you can Create A Contact Form and add it to your WordPress website

So, for your website, if you want to give your visitors a way to contact, you can do that by adding a contact form like this,

create a contact form
Contact Form

So, now here We’re going to create a contact form so that anyone who is visiting your site will be able to fill-up this form and when they click ‘submit’ you’ll get an email with the message they have sent,

So this will give your visitors a way to reach you, when they need help or when they have something to share.

Okay! let’s create a contact form

We’re going to create the form in 3 steps

Step 1: Install a plugin

Step 2 Create a form

Step 3 Adding form to your Website

Step 1: Install a plugin

So, now install a plugin in WordPress which will help us create the form

Okay, so to install the plugin Let’s go to our dashboard and then go to ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Add New’

Now search for a plugin called ‘Ninja Forms’

And you’ll get this plugin

create a contact form
Ninja forms Plugin

So let’s click Install and activate

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Okay, so the plugin has been installed

And now you’ll see this new button called ‘ninja forms’

create a contact form

Once, we install the plugin, we can now go to step 2 which is to ‘Create a form’

Step 2: Create a Form

So to create the form just click ‘Ninja Forms’ And here you can see that, there is a default Contact Form,

create a contact form
Default Contact Form

So first let’s delete the default Contact Form by clicking ‘delete’ and it’ll be deleted

create a contact form
Delete Default Contact Form

Now let’s create a new form, by clicking, ‘Add New’ there, you’ll see different types of forms you can create

So, here I’m going to choose the ‘Contact Us’ form

create a contact form
New Contact Us Form

And as soon as you click it, your form will be created!

So you can see here that, we have a simple contact form, which asks for the name, email, and message & also has a submit button

create a contact form
New Contact Form

So, New Contact Form is created. You can click ‘Publish’ or can add new fields by clicking ‘+’ button.

create a contact form
Adding New Fields

You can drag rows and columns, custom backgrounds, borders, and more without writing a single line of code.

You can also do it using “WPForms” plugin.

To know more please see the video tutorial


So once we have created the form we can go to the third step,
which is to “Add this form to our website”

Step 3: Add this Form to your website

So to Add this form, to our website Let’s go to pages and click ‘Add New’

So now we’re going to create a new page where we can put our contact form

So, I’m going to enter the page title as ‘Contact Us’ and then, click the ‘add’ button to add the form that we have created,

And now if you click this dropdown You’ll see the form which we created, in the last step

create a contact form
Add A Contact Form To New Page

So let’s select that and now as soon we click the new form we just have created the form will be inserted into our page

Now let’s click ‘publish’ and view the page,
Okay! Now as you can see, we have got our contact form

So this is how easily, you can Create a Contact Form in WordPress

Next, let’s test this form and see how it works


So we’ll enter our details and then click ‘submit’ and it says, the form submitted successfully

Now as soon as someone submits this form you should get an email, with their message

So let’s check our email!

We’ll go to our inbox and as you can see!

We have got an email, from WordPress, saying that we have a new message

Now if we open this, you can see the message which we sent in the form


Now to reply to this message, you can click “reply” and the email will be sent to that person’s email address


Now this email will be sent to the email id, which you used, while setting-up WordPress

Now, if you want to change, the email ID, where you receive your messages you can do that by going to your dashboard and then go into settings and click ‘general’

Now here, you can change the email ID where you want to receive the notifications

create a contact form
Change Email ID

So just change the address here and scroll down and click ‘save’


Now you know how the form works & how to change the email where you receive notifications

Now if you want to add the contact page you created, to your menu, you can see how to do that in this article How To Create A Menu In WordPress

In this article, I have put my best to explain how to Create a Contact Form on a WordPress website. In case if you have any queries, please fill the contact form. I will revert you with a solution.


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